Enjoy Indian Cuisine on Wheels in Lower Mainland, BC

Welcome to Kurry Up, best Indian restaurant on wheels in Lower Mainland, BC! We bring the best of Indian street foods to British Columbia for a taste experience on-the-go. India is a multicultural country that is renowned for its diverse flavours and plethora of regional dishes.

We offer authentic and contemporary Indian food in our mobile restaurant, bringing some of your favourite family recipes and ingredients to our menu. We combine classical and traditional Indian recipes to deliver a true culinary experience. Being known as one of the best Indian food catering in Lower Mainland, BC, we pride ourselves in the use of locally sourced ingredients and flavouring them with freshly ground Indian spices. Kurry Up! also an East Indian food truck in Lower Mainland, BC serves authentic, fresh and delicious East Indian food with exact flavours and taste. Our glamorous Kurry Up Food Truck is an exciting venue to meet friends, hang out or enjoy exceptional East Indian food in vancouver for takeout lunch and dinner.

Kurry Up aims to convey its passion for East Indian food in Lower Mainland, BC through a quest for perfect ingredients and technique, with a deep-seated desire to continue learning how to evolve and blend old traditions and modern tastes. Our menu embodies a unique blend of ethnic and progressive dishes with street food, chat, curries, delicious snacks, along with vegetarian delights and non-vegetarian wonders. Kurry Up is backed by a team of creative, hard-working and qualified chefs, well-versed with Indian cuisine and cooking style. By being the best Indian food truck in Lower Mainland, we keep revamping our food menu at regular time intervals to ensure innovative dishes to our customers.

We focus on preparing and serving fresh Indian cuisines to our customers, tailor-made to their particular palate. Being well-known for Indian food catering in Lower Mainland, BC and Vancouver area, Kurry Up has a unique way of changing the way people perceive and experience Indian cuisine, by blending Indian tradition with modernity. We attempt to re-define Indian cuisine and serve unique flavours from the streets of India. Our food is famous for its mouth-watering flavours, with our plethora of cuisines leaving your taste buds satisfied. Our unique ‘street-food’ style menu pays homage to varied regions of India and their distinctive street food characteristics. Each of our Indian cuisine draws on cultural inspiration from all regions of India’s rich and varied land!

Our Chef

Jassie Bakhshi

Our Chef Jassie Bakhshi has almost 30 years of experience, having worked in reputed five-star hotels all over the globe including The Oberoi hotels in India as Excutive Chef, Hyatt Regency Hotels as International Trainer, The Kahler Grand Hotel in the US and many other top-rated hotels. He is trained from prestigious culinary schools of the India and the US. After decades of serving food to the people of Calgary, Jassie Bakhshi combined his talent and passion to launch Kurry Up!

Taking inspiration from the native India, while continuously researching regional dishes, chef Jassie Bakhshi combines his heritage with his love for Indian ingredients to create unique and innovative Indian food. His vision about the food – like his views on everything else is progressive. Therefore, Kurry Up’s menu never stands still and continues to be a living amalgamation of ethnic and progressive influence.

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