Choices to tingle your taste buds before starting your meal

Fish Amritsari

Marinated fish (Basa) in Indian aromatic spices and dipped in chick pea batter and deep-fried


Spicy Chicken Wings Masaledar

Chicken wings marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger and spices and cooked to perfection



Choice of ground beef or vegetables made with spices, cooked and stuffed in crispy crust pockets


Veg. Pakora

Variety of vegetables dipped in spiced chickpea batter and deep-fried very delicious in test



Cooked in a clay oven over charcoal served on a sizzling platter

Tandoori Chicken

Spring chicken legs marinated in traditional tandoori marinade and cooked in tandoor


Murg Malai Tikka

Very delicately marinated chicken in cashew nut, almonds, spices and hint of saffron which melts in your mouth


Chicken Tikka

Boneless chicken legs delicately marinated in tandoori spices and cooked in clay oven


Chicken Dishes

Authentic Indian Chicken Delicacies

Butter Chicken

A delicious preparation of boneless tandoori chicken tikka, cooked in creamy tomato sauce


Chicken Aftaab

Murg Malai cooked in a delicate rich cashew nut, almond sauce with a hint of saffron


Chicken Dhansak

Chicken breast cooked in yellow lentils, vegetables and special spices


Chicken Vindaloo

Boneless cubes of chicken cooked in Goan style in an extra hot and spicy sauce


Chicken Tikka Masala

Barbecued chicken morsels cooked in an aromatic and deliciously zesty sauce


Chicken Madras

Medium hot chicken curry


Lamb & Beef Dishes

Variety of meat dishes, can be prepared with either Lamb or Beef. Add $1.99 for Lamb Dish.

Rogan Josh

Lean Chunks of tender meat cooked in rich onion and tomato gravy with blend of spices


Gosht Korma

Boneless cubes of meat cooked in mild creamy sauce with cashew nuts and almonds


Kadahi Gosht

Boneless cubes of meat cook Mal juliennes of onion and tomatoes and very delicious


Bhuna Gosht

Succulent cubes of meat cooked with mixed spices and fenugreek leaves


Gosht Saagwala

Boneless cubes of meat cooked in freshly chopped spinach sauce


Fish & Seafood Dishes

Some authentic Indian style Fish and Seafood dishes.

Prawn Curry

Jumbo prawns cooked in an authentic onion tomato sauce


Prawn Jalfrezi

Jumbo prawns sauted with fresh vegetables


Fish Curry

Chunks of Basa Fish cooked in rich onion and tomato gravy with blend of spices


Fish Masala

Succulent pieces of cod cooked with onions, peppers and masala sauce


Vegetarian Dishes

Authentic Indian dishes for vegetarian lovers.

Navratan Korma

variety of vegetables cooked in creamy cashew nut based sauce


Paneer Makhani

Homemade cheese cooked in tomato based silky sauce with cream cashew nuts and almond


Kadahi Paneer

Home made paneer cooked in wok with onion peppers and tomatoes


Saag Paneer

Homemade cheese cooked In creamy chopped spinach sauce


Mixed Vegetable Jalfrezi

Medley of vegetable with paneer sauted with spices lightly wrapped with masala sauce


Baingan Bharta

Clay oven roasted eggplants cooked with onion and tomatoes



Okra cooked with a variety of spices and onions


Aloo Gobi Masala

Potato and cauliflower cooked with ginger, garlic and spices in a steam pot


Dum Aloo Jeera

Slow cooked potatoes with cumin seeds and spices


Pindi Chole

Garbanzo beans cooked with a variety of flavouring spices and mango powder


Daal Makhanwali

A combination of urad lentils and kidney beans finished with cream


Daal Tarka (Moong and Red Lentil)

Yellow daal tempered with cumin seeds, tomatoes and onion


Biryani & Rice

Cooked with your choice of meat, fish or vegetables

Hydrabadi Lamb Biryani

Famous basmati rice cooked with a variety of spices and lamb


Prawn Biryani

Prawn cooked with rice, aromatic spices and mint with dum method of cooking


Hydrabadi Beef Biryani

Famous basmati rice cooked with a variety of spices and beef


Murg Nawabi Biryani

Famous basmati rice and chicken cooked together with various spices and saffron


Vegetable Biryani

Melange of vegetables cooked with basmati rice and various spices


Pea Pulao

Naturally fragrant basmati rice cooked with green peas


Plain Pulao Rice

Basmati fragrant rice with cumin seeds and spices



Mouth-melting breads cooked in our tandoori oven


Light and fluffy bread, very popular with our guests


Garlic Naan

Light and fluffy bread, cooked with succulent garlic tendrils


Curry Bowls

Delicious Curry Bowls

Vegetarian Bowl

Chole (chick peas) or veg of the day, rice or naan


Butter Chicken Bowl

Butter chicken or meat of the day, rice or naan


Beef Curry Bowl

Beef curry rice or naan


Lamb Curry Bowl

Lamb curry rice or naan


Combo Meals

Our Combo Meals are prepared to staisfy your hunger! All Combos are served with 2 curries, rice, naan, salad and dessert.

Meat & Veg Combo

Choose One Meat dish
    (Butter Chicken, Beef Curry or Lamb Curry)     Add $2 for Lamb curry
Choose One Vegeterian dish
    (Chickpeas, Yellow Dal, Dal Makhani or Yogurt Curry).


Double Meat Combo

Choose Two Meat dishes
    (Butter Chicken, Beef Curry or Lamb Curry)     Add $2 for Lamb curry


Full Veg Combo

Choose Two vegeterian dishes
    (Chickpeas, Yellow Dal, Dal Makhani or Yogurt Curry)



Decadent Desserts

Gulab Jamun

Dumplings made of milk, deep-fried and dipped in sweet syrup



Thirst-Squenching Drinks

Mango Lassi

Traditional yogurt based drink, flavoured with real mango puree.


Indian Chai (Tea)

Traditional India tea prepared with milk.


Pop Drink

Choose from a variety of pop cans.


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