Jassie Bakhshi

Our Chef Jassie Bakhshi has almost 30 years of experience, having worked in reputed five-star hotels all over the globe including The Oberoi hotels in India as Excutive Chef, Hyatt Regency Hotels as International Trainer, The Kahler Grand Hotel in the US and many other top-rated hotels. He is trained from prestigious culinary schools of the India and the US. After decades of serving food to the people of Calgary, Jassie Bakhshi combined his talent and passion to launch Kurry Up!

Taking inspiration from the native India, while continuously researching regional dishes, chef Jassie Bakhshi combines his heritage with his love for Indian ingredients to create unique and innovative Indian food. His vision about the food – like his views on everything else is progressive. Therefore, Kurry Up’s menu never stands still and continues to be a living amalgamation of ethnic and progressive influence.

Chef Jassie Bakhshi in Action

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