Curry Bowls

Vegetarian Bowl

Chole (chick peas) or veg of the day, rice or naan


Butter Chicken Bowl

Butter chicken or meat of the day, rice or naan


Beef Curry Bowl

Beef curry rice or naan


Lamb Curry Bowl

Lamb curry rice or naan


Combo Meals

Meat & Veg Combo

One meat, one veg, rice and naan


Double Meat Combo

Two meat, rice and naan


Full Veg Combo

Two veg dishes, rice and naan



Almond Kheer

Rice pudding with almonds


Gulab Jamun

Dumplings made of milk, deep-fried and dipped in sweet syrup



Mango Lassi

Traditional yogurt based drink, flavoured with real mango puree.


Indian Chai (Tea)

Traditional India tea prepared with milk.


Pop Drink

Choose from a variety of pop cans.